Process Safety Training Courses

With over 150 years of combined experience and knowledge across a broad range of industries, our training courses always leave a track record of excellence

HAZOP training – 3-day course

The course presented by our experienced consultants is intended to enable those involved in projects and plant or installation modifications to contribute meaningfully in Hazard and Operability Studies.

Further appropriate post-course experience should enable mastering the skills to take on a Hazard and Operability Study Leader role.

This Course has  3-ECSA CPD points. You can book online and discounts are available to SAICHE members.

Courses can also be run in-company at a time and location convenient to your company.

Course Dates

17-19th March |  20-22nd October

16-18th March  | 19- 21st October

Understanding the new MHI Regulation and Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques – 2- day course

The focus will be on the requirements of the current and the new Draft MHI Regulations as well as how to understand, interpret and challenge the QRA’s produced for Major Hazard Installations. Relevant modelling software will also be briefly demonstrated and an attendance certificate will be issued. The course is accredited by SAIChE and carries 2 CPD points.

This course is aimed at

  • Persons who need to ensure compliance with the Major Hazard Installation (MHI) Regulation requirements,
  • Persons who need to understand quantitative risk assessments (QRAs) produced for MHIs,
  • Persons who would like to produce QRAs.

Course Dates

10-11th March | 15-16 September

16-17th February | 14- 15th September

SIL and LOPA- 2- day course

The course enables you to understand the causes and sequence of failure that can lead to significant hazardous events occurring, and be able to identify the key contributors to the level of risk. The course also aims at helping you determine SIL levels and how to conduct a layers of protection analysis for safety instrumented systems on plants.

Course Dates

18-19th August

17-18th August

Emergency Response Planning

The focus of ERP is to provide an understanding of the planning and preparation of emergency response plans. This involves review of existing plans and determine any gaps  through a thorough analysis of the potential incident scenarios.


The following are specialised inhouse training:

  • Ammonia handling
  • Principles of process safety management
  • Preventing dust explosions.

For more details please contact us for a tailor made training course.