iSHEcon COVID-19 Service Update

All our staff are available online and telephonically during normal working hours so please contact us via e-mail or mobile phone.

In addition, where possible we continue to offer our services online, e.g. through conference calls, video chats etc.

As a result of the different Lockdown Alert Levels and the fact that many of our clients are either essential services or plan to begin ramping up production as the Alert Levels are lowered, ISHECON have conducted a COVID-19 health risk assessment and have a phased return to work plan in place for the various Levels.


  • During all Alert Levels we are able to continue with MHI and Explosives modelling and risk assessments reports, with the exception of the site inspections phase of the assessment.
  • During Alert Level 5 our key technical staff are available to conduct site visits to the installation if an essential service (e.g. hand sanitizer production), if within Gauteng, if provided with the necessary permits and if in accordance with safe hygiene and social distancing practices.
  • During Alert Levels 4 and 3 most our technical staff are available to visit our MHI and Explosives clients’ sites in Gauteng as they return to production.
  • During Alert Level 2 we will be able to visit client sites in other provinces.


  • During Alert Level 5 our key technical staff are been available for video facilitation of hazops etc. This is generally rather difficult for all attendees and not the favoured method for our clients. 
  • To conduct Hazard studies, it is preferable to have face to face contact with at least key Hazop attendees, e.g. designers, instrumentation staff. Other attendees, e.g. SHE or maintenance staff, can possibly be on video conferencing.
  • During Alert Level 4, it will be possible, for clients who are returning to production, for key ISHECON staff to facilitate small local hazard studies with strict health and hygiene precautions and social distancing practices in place. The latter limits the number of attendees in one meeting room. Where necessary permits may be required.


  • ISHECON will not be able to provide Process Safety Training during Alert Levels 5 and 4.
  • During Alert Levels 3 and 2 we will be able to provide training to companies on an In-House basis and provided there are limited delegates as dictated by social distance and hygiene requirements.


  • During Alert Level 5 our administrative staff have operated from home, but with limited functionality.
  • During Alert Level 4 key administrative staff will return to the ISHECON workplace to address accounts, quotations, queries etc.


ISHECON plan to be able to return all staff to full functionality during Alert Level 3 and during Alert Level 2 we should be able to offer all our normal services except large public training courses. The latter will have to wait for Alert Level 1 or 0.


For more information regarding COVID-19 in south Africa please visit the official government page: