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ISHECON specialises in providing chemical and explosives process safety consulting services to industries in Southern Africa. We are chemical engineers / industrial chemists with a broad base of experience in the SA chemicals and explosives industries. We combine our understanding of chemistry, chemical engineering design, project management and plant operations with internationally proven methodologies for the identification and assessment of process hazards and risks. We have widely applied these techniques for many years across many industries including; industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, oil-refining, explosives, pulp and paper, mining and metallurgical, food processing, water treatment, etc. In order to design and operate safer chemical facilities, process safety considerations must be integrated into the project from the initial conceptual design through to the plant operation and eventual decommissioning. The services we offer can be applied across the full project life cycle and will provide assurance that a facility will meet its process safety obligations as well legal requirements.

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ISHECON is a South African Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority for Major Hazard Installation Risk Assessments as well as for Explosives Risk Assessments.


Please contact Sharon Canale-Marchand our Office Manager.
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